DGD Blog News

Hi DGD Fans,

As you all are aware that Google announced "Blogger policy change" which I took to all your notice dated March 3rd post Blogger Content Policy Update which blocks adult content with effect from March 23rd, 2015.

Good news is Google did a U-turn. It rolled back its policy change announcement due to plenty of feedback against its move to block adult images & videos on blogger. For more information click the link An update on the Blogger porn content policy

We blog authors, admin and few members of this blog, came up with lots of solutions, suggestions & ideas pre and post roll back of Google policy update on Nudity. Below are the final decisions and minutes of that discussion - 

Though Google reversed it policy update, we have come up with below actions to be on safer side.
  1. Have moved all content (archives) from blogger to Nibblebit. As Google may again come up with new policy and block our blog without prior notice. 
  2. We will continue posting in desi gay desires blog. with Adult content. 
  3. Nibblenet blog will just be an archive blog without any activity. Only if Google blocks our blog, we will start posting in Nibblebit.
  4. We also started new blog Desi Mard, which will starts from April 1,2015. It will not have nudity and adult content, this new blog will embrace the sexy and hot desi men without nudity.